Coby MP3 Player

coby Coby MP20016 USB 1GB MP3 Player with Stereo Speakers is Perfect for Those on a Budget

Coby is trying something different by not selling just a USB Stick MP3 player but also including a pair of  speakers with it too. The Coby MP20016 will hold up to 1GB worth of music and support MP3 and WMA files. The two mini stereo speakers that are included have a 3.5mm stereo plug for use with any audio device and doesn’t require a power adapter. The USB-Stick MP3 Player is rather simple with no LCD screen and controls are on the body of the device in the shape of small teeny buttons. The best thing is the price which is only  $14.09 – the perfect starter MP3 player for those on a tight budget.

via chipchick


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